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Born in Sweden, raised in Sydney, Arterium is now based in Byron Bay, Australia where he operates from his Bangalow studio/gallery.

His unique ability to deeply capture the essence of his subjects has given him a reputation as 'Soul Photographer'. He is well known for his highly-creative work in the music and fashion industries. On the live music scene, he has filmed and photographed at multiple iconic festivals internationally, working with artists such as John Legend, Grace Jones, BB King, Ben Harper, The Cat Empire, Xavier Rudd, Medicine for the People and many more.
In fashion, his early experiences includes collaboration with three-time AIPP Fashion Photographer of the Year Peter Coulson.
Constantly evolving as an artist through many different mediums, Arterium is excited to continue producing art through music, poetry, film, sculpture, painting and photography.


Notes from the Artist

Capturing the beauty of the Earth is my passion. I am grateful to work with strong, self-respecting subjects who genuinely care about Mother Nature and own their place as a messenger and protector. These kind of beings radiate the kind of inner strength and magic that can only be achieved through living in harmony. My approach is always intuitive and co-creative, which creates a safe space to allow the Soul's magic qualities to effortlessly guide the direction of the shoot. Each day I strive to create more powerful work and I am deeply grateful to be doing what I love and hopefully making a difference.