Ready to roar

Awaken every cell

Every sense 

Every power

Break free from the curse

The blinded position

Command this transition.

Men among men

Brothers and friends 

Let our sisters relax

Into knowing

We're no longer going

to kill, hurt or torture,

Abuse, burn or slaughter.

we are here to respect

honour and protect.

As gentle men are we free

But make no mistake

it’s not our nature to flee,

we are up for a fight 

Ready to roar 

for all of our queens

Time to be seen

Make manifest this dream

In service do we bow

To the the greatness here rising

inside us and spreading

old skins are we shedding

Peaceful warriors lighting

the way to new realms

Simply love at the helm,

As all tribes unite

Lay down guns and do right

Thank you for hearing 

The cry and the call

Say yes and forget

those days we were small

Rise from our slumber

Awaken to wonder

For none can now sway us

From this role that here takes us.

In service we come

raw, naked, bare

ready to share

with a pure objective,

Become all that we are 

Leave no stone unturned 

for all must be burned

That is not of the highest

Purge all the dross

the old and decrepit

the tired and insipid  

ways that don't serve us

Shine as pure light 

Restore our birthright


Welcome your peaceful army of men

who together find will to stand tall again

       we will not falter

As we stand present at this alter

With strength and conviction

Do we say YES

and welcome this duty

to clean up our mess


Sisters… as we stand 

transparent before you 

we beseech and implore you

to hold space, as we reveal

all those parts we didn't feel,

Would sound sweet to your ears

or perhaps bring you to tears

please see us, clearly emerging,

as real men from the purging.

hold us gently or FIERCE

and reflect all with your KNOWING.

please don't make it easy

in some ambition to please me,

hold me true to my word

and accept nothing less

If you want my respect

please honour this request.

The time has come 

for great men and women 

to rise as ONE.


ROAR with me.